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Indoo Sql Grid 1.0

Indoo Sql Grid 1.0

Indoo Sql Grid Publisher's Description

Overview Indoo Grid for ASP.NET 1.1/2.0 is super fast and robust, extreme high performance datagrid-based component. Using innovative and unique technology which differs from other datagrid-like components on the market, Indoo Grid can be used on tables with up to more millions records (in fact, as many records as supported by the database) and was designed for web servers with extremely high traffic. It can be fully customized (with rich functionality as datagrid) but offers to developer plenty of methods and properties to avoid in-depth DBA programming. It also supports remote scripting. Background Poor performance of original ASP.NET datagrid/datatable object offers two possibilities to improve performance when working with data on the web. First is use of special database procedures for each database and second is to do new grid control which would be better than original. We took the »from the scratch« way with main goals: superb performance with few lines of code on any database. We do not considered standard use of datagrid/datatable as good approach, simply because we believe it is workaround to avoid DBA perfection. It does not offers real 2-tier support without further DBA scripting and programming if you want to have remote DB server(s) or DB server on another machine(s). Ordinary grid control on the market demands working with dataset or another datasource that do not offer support for large amounts of data. For example, if you have millions of records in database table, you have to do filtering (sorting, etc) in middle tier or on database tier, before you can use such control on the web page. Standard approach with filtering on disconnected dataset does not solve the problem and you have to write additional code or database script. With our approach, you can have unlimited number of records (as many as supported by the database) and use our control immediately, with few lines of code. On any ODBC supported database (and also with SqlClient for MS SQL Serve or any other native clent, all with similar performances because for every request they pull just few of records from database). We considered about performances in all aspects. This approach offers some other advantages as URL navigation (while control doesn't need middle tier programming, end user can store his/her status in Favorites) and avoid use of viewstate (we are all aware of it's poor performance) or unnecessary standard postback. That is why we have separated web form for editing and presentation grid. So, if you're looking for high performance grid with integrated SQL support (that's with built-in middle tier for DBA manipulations) and if you want to avoid SQL programming or hiring DBA developer, this would be right choice for you. Performance features ? super fast - up to more millions records in a single table (depends on database features) ? main workload on the database server and less consuming of resources on the web server, local traffic is also decreased to minimum ? same performances with local/remote database server ? viewstate (additional page size and traffic, growing by every click) not required ? postback (additional server request ? extra loops) not required ? faster update/insert Developer features ? SQLClient native support (any other native client can be added manually) ? ODBC support (MS SQL, Oracle, MySql, DB2 etc.) ? CSS support (all design is implemented through html tables with out-standing CSS) ? full multilanguage/multicultural support ? enables database table values as JavaScript or QueryString parameters on each presented field ? no need for writing SQL script - all work can be done through methods and properties (but also with SQL scripts support, if needed) ? remote scripting support ? enables wide range of special Command Columns (JavaScript, HyperLink, PushButton etc.) ? fully customizable data forms ? dynamic SQL joins ? Indoo Grid column enables built-in form object or any other data form (custom or third-party) using command column or JavaScript. ? Some other tools like SQL execute window allows manipulating data in developer phase (creating tables, scripts etc.) etc. ? native validators support (client and server side) ? read/store binary data from/to filesystem or database ? detailed manual and additional documentation ? ASP.NET 2.0 compliance ? Works with DotNetNuke End user features ? cross browser support (IE, Gecko based /Netscape,Mozzila Firefox/, Opera) ? built-in filtering (for all fields that are supported by database server) ? built-in sorting (for all fields that are supported by database server) ? joined table support (dynamic join with filter and sort) ? bulk export, import, delete of all data to clipboard for further manipulation in Excel, Access, etc. User can (for example) copy data from table to clipboard, copy data to MS Excel, edit (delete, add) data in MS Excel, then paste them back to the component and update table. Very useful in real world. ? full URL navigation support (user can store page state ? filter, sort, page ? in Favorites and/or access them through URL link. That means that appearance, filtering, sorting and paging are preserved by using URL that is stored in user's Favorites folder) ? binary mimo type support for all type of fields shows any content from database table in correct specified format (text, number, date, boolean, images as thumbnails or full images within table and any other binary data type: very useful for word documents, excel documents, etc.) ? built-in forms for editing, deleting, adding of records ? many useful tools and functions. Our main goal was extremely rapid development of high-performance web applications with access to different large databases. A lot of work can be done with only few lines of code...

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